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Top Doctor listings were selected after peer nomination, extensive research, careful review & screening by our doctor-directed research team.

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Your health is our greatest concern. Here at Atomlab Center, we are committed to being the primary healthcare provider with a friendly attitude.
We provide better quality healthcare and a wide range of services, including patient care, pediatrics, and medical evacuations.
All of our doctors are formally trained and qualified to the latest national ethical and professional standards.
Our staffs participated in comprehensive training sessions on emergency preparedness and response.
We provide nationally recognized training programs developed in accordance with international (ILCOR) guidelines.

Welcome to Atomlab center

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Professional Medical Services
Professional Medical Services has been opening for business since July 1, 1991, with one dream in mind, that is to provide the highest quality healthcare services to the public for a comparable and reasonable cost.
Dedicated Patient Care
Atomlab Center is home to 15 dedicated patient care units and a host of dedicated patient care services, including both inpatient and outpatient care, with a devoted, friendly, calm, and professional attitude.
Experienced Generalists & Specialists
Our center employs plenty of skilled generalists - who have a breadth of understanding, broad vision, and experience, and specialists - who have competence, patience, and in-depth insight into specific medical areas and diseases.
Extended Opening Hours
As from April 2017, our center's opening hours have been extended - we will now be open on Saturdays and Sunday mornings until 1 p.m (on a monthly basis) in order to accommodate more patients in need.

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Our happy clients

Why do people love us?

Ryoji Danbara

Our IT TeamSourcing team members in AriSaf Tech Ltd. Bangladesh are always passionate, and managing their tasks with the same goal as the other members in Japan. The TeamSourcing IT offshoring business model allows us to grow together, and share the sense of common goal is the merit that much better than other outsourcing model so far I worked with.

Ryoji Danbara
Kaito Tsutsushio

テクノロジーが進化し、働く場所を問わずに高い質のものを開発したり、ビジネスを 進められることが当たり前になってきました。 バングラデシュやアジアの国々と一緒に様々な価値を産み出せることに興奮しています。

Kaito Tsutsushio
Keiichirou Masuyama

AriSaf Tech Ltd. が提供するバングラディシュエンジニアは、いわゆる受諾開発とは違い、私たちの開発チームの一員として活躍してくれます。エンジニア個々人の成長も早く、みな明るく素直で、日本人エンジニアよりも仕事がしやすいと感じることもあるほどです。バングラディシュチームと日本チーム、それぞれの良さを互いにフィードバックすることで全体のパフォーマンスへの相互作用を期待しています.

Keiichirou Masuyama

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