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Web & Desktop Development

Top notch software development services to deliver robust web and desktop applications ensuring exquisite user experience. Expert engineering team at AriSaf Tech is determined to satisfy customers’ needs by inheriting the latest tech, transparency, and delivery on time.
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We use Electron to build cross-platform apps for both desktop and web which
combines Chromium rendering engine and Node.js runtime.


As a node.js Development Company, we have extensive experience in building apps using node.js. Our node.js developers deliver applications with the intuitive, natural interactivity customers' demand, whether we’re creating a user-friendly calendar utility, websites or online eCommerce store.

React (JS & TS)

This library is highly popular for its extra simplicity and felxibility.


Open source, responsive & vastly known for over 54,000 plugins free and paid plugins.

Artificial Intelligence

Besides developing web, desktop & mobile phone based solutions, we build end to end AI solutions irrespective of the platform. AI unit at AriSaf Tech explores various ML/DL related problems and builds technology that inspires scalable solutions.

Computer Vision

We have experience in the field of Computer Vision (CV): creating models for agriculture based solutions, medical image analysis, satellite & geospatial image analysis utilizing state-of-the-art methods and algorithms & inhouse optimizations which have proven research & development impact.

Natural Language Processing

We also have efficiency in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Speech Recognition for Bengali, English & Japanese languages.

Multimodal Learning

A new AI paradigm, in which various data types are combined with multiple methods to achieve greater performances. It often outperforms single modal AI in many real-world problems.

Deep Reinforcement Learning

A category of AI where intelligent machines can learn from their actions similar to the way humans learn from experience.

Mobile Application Development

We make sure to provide fast & personalized mobile app development services with best-in-class results that run seamlessly over platforms. Offering full cycle mobile application development services following state-of-the-art clean code architecture tailored to your business needs. We will help you chalk out a solid mobile-first approach from ideation to deployment, management, support, and maintenance we cover all the way.
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    Clean Code Architecture
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    Test Driven Development (TDD)
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    Advanced Practice

Clean Code Architecture

The idea behind the clean architecture concept is to make the project scalable, easy to maintain, and testable, creating separate layers and always depending on abstractions and not concrete classes.


An open-source software development toolkit for a beautiful build, high-performance, & outstanding mobile apps which fit custom needs & requirements for both iOS and Android.


Java and XML are used in the development of a mobile application. It is used in Android development to write business logic. XML is used to design the UI.

Embedded Systems

AriSaf Tech Ltd. provides high quality embedded systems design & development services. We combine multi domain experience of our engineers to create robust soutions that will exceed your expectations. At ensemble, our biggest strength is that we have in house expertise at every stage of an embedded system's development.


Rust can contribute to embedded systems development with powerful static analysis, flexible memory, concurrency, Interoperability & portability


C provides optimized machine instructions for the given input, which increases the performance of the embedded system.


By design, C++ lends itself to embedded development because the language sits in between higher-level software and hardware, allowing you to access and control hardware directly without sacrificing the benefits of a high-level language.

Silicon Labs Micro-controllers

Graphics & UI/UX

We create products and apps with an extensive UX design process that helps attract, engage and delight customers and employees. At AriSaf Tech our experience with products used by the users helps us design UI for products & applications that are easy to use and maximize user adoption.
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    Mobile app UI & UX
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    Web app/ website design & UX
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    Product marketing


Until now the best vector graphics editor and design program without any doubt.


A raster graphics editor developed and published by Adobe Inc.


A vector-based UX design tool for web apps and mobile apps with exciting features.


Web-based vector graphics editor and prototyping tool, with additional offline features enabled by desktop applications for macOS and Windows.

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